vendredi 19 février 2016

How my tank game would be

God keep saying I could take the power and I could make my own game like they do. So again I doubt this will happen but anyway here how my tank game would be.

Note that for this game to start even if I had the power this current blog post need to receive a lot of thumbs up.

Note that my games are base on skillz and fairplay.

All tanks can be selected at the beginning of a round. No XP is require to get some tank. The tanks are fictional and there is going to be like 15.

3 artillery
3 heavy tank killer(no turret)
4 heavy tank
4 medium tank
2 light
2 jeep(4 hellfire each)
2 motocross(heavy RPG like on it)

The difference between tanks in the same class is driving speed, reload speed, amount of armour and gadget. So let's take for example the medium tank.

Variant number 1:
Higher armour and bigger guns
3 hit of medium tank for kill on face hull at med range.
3 sec reload time.
All tanks have a machine guns. It will be useful to kill the drone.

Variant number 2:
Normal armour and medium gun.
2 hit of medium tank for kill on face hull at med range.
2 sec reload time.
Faster than variant number 1.

Variant number 3:
Normal armour and medium gun.
3 sec reload time.
Same speed as variant number 1.
Deployable drone.

Of course if the project would start I'd need to write the complete balance.

There is a luck rating on each shot. Some shell could not penetrate but it's kind of rare. Like 15% of chance on each shot.

With a team or with comment from good people I could add a lot of gadget and stuff. But you cannot customize the tanks, it all come in premade variant.

Most of my tank game is one shot kill. There is no hitsound or deathsound and there is no damage numbers. You need to look at the turret if it move to see if it is destroyed. There is no repair. Turret, side, back got less armour. Hit in the engine stop the tank. Hit in the track stop one side of the tank. All ligth tank kills easily on back shot even with the heaviest tank.

It's going to be 12 vs 12 with a matchmaking on official servers and custom server. There is a server that you can rent but it's hosted by my servers. There is ranked and not ranked match. The matchmaking is skillz based unless you check the option to join all upper tier. Upper tier cannot join lower tier.

The artillery is similar to what we got in our tank game right now but you need to spot the tank first with the drone to see it on the top view map.

The hellfire of some tank and the jeep shoot at long range and kill one shot on most tank but there is counter measure on each tank. You receive a message when a hellfire is coming and you got 3 sec to push x.

The motocross and the jeep got low ammo. They need to go back to base where the spawn is to reload in 30 seconds.

There is one spawn for each rounds.

The kills are officially known by the games only at the end of rounds.

There is xp for all players like in bf so shown in scoreboard.

There is medal.

Score is base on damage did and kill and vls capture.

One kill 100 points, one vls capture 300 points.

Maps can have 1 to 3 vls.

The tank control and gunning is a copy of the great War of Thunder.


I'll add as I think about it and as I receive input.
I'd take part of the development a lot. But with this blog post I'm sure they can start.

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