vendredi 13 mai 2016

Doom, Deep Impression

God ask me to write a review now because people is waiting for it. I'm not going to speed run the game because it's no fun and I cannot have a review copy because I say I need to play it at the same time as everybody to not spoil the whole thing. So here something new for Gaming 24, Deep Impression.


So after playing three hours of the campaign, I can say I have a good idea of how good is this game and it's good, very good. Another great product on our network.

But it's not perfect, there is problem. Let's start by the logo replayed each time the game start. I can't believe how this is retarded. Even if I found a hack for that and did not install it, I can't believe it. Than the launcher for the mp is not good: You need to load the sp first than reload the mp. I guess this game has been rushed a little. This could be very annoying for a lot of people.

Than I'll talk about the graphics that are so fucking awesome. Doom 4 is now the graphic king(sp) in my book and the fight is near with Wolfenstein, BF4 and Battlefront. I think Doom 4 is a bit ahead at some point. It's good to make note that the graphics are not always as good as the best part: The outdoor for example is not always as good. But still this is a minor problem.

The campaign is in French for me and this is very good. Everything is in French and this rock for me because I don't always understand everything in English. So for the French players, this is a good point. 

But even with the French campaign, I hardly understand the campaign. This is maybe because I very distracted with my job and God. Anyway, from what I have understand, the story and the campaign is interesting. I did about four mission so far I think and I'm about to go in hell this will get very interesting.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. But it's good to point that this is hard game even at normal difficulty. I did not try the easy mode to figure out if everybody could play this game. At normal difficulty it's challenging and at hard, you need to be perfect almost to pass the level.  The mix of shooting and glory kill is a lot of fun; Glory kill as well made: You don't get hit while doing them. The guns are a lot of fun to use. Especially the AR which is terrific. I can't wait to see the rest of guns.

You need to find your way in the level and this could be hard for some people. You have been warned! On this subject, I make note to all the great maps that give the ability to discover all the secret area and stuff.

For the sound and music, it's all fine for the sound but for the music, it suck and I think it's my version. Or maybe they did not invest in the music and they should have imo.

I'll finish this post with Snapmap that is so cool. Not only because you can learn and create map easily but because it's somehow a hub that give the opportunity to be connected, share and try a lot of cool custom maps. 

8.5/10 so far. I did about 4 mission, remember. I think there is 10.

See you in hell!

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