jeudi 12 mai 2016

Doom 4 Impression

Again Steam lack of sense and don't unlock the game one hour before the release. Which make us wait 30 minutes to unlock the game. How gay.

Anyway, the game appear to work ok. Not perfect because I pretend my version got defect difficulty level: Hard level is way too hard and non sense.

The graphics are very good to good. Depending on the area, the graphics can be better or worse.

The gameplay is very good and challenging even at normal difficulty. But remember my difficulty level are most likely fucked up so I don't pose myself on the forum saying I've beat uber quite easily while the noobs can't even beat very easy with their bots.

The mp is a joke in French. The announcer is plain GAY. And they all cheat like crazy retards: I can't make a ratio better than 1:1. Look like the looser win again. It's for sure a plot to shit on the French language. And I bet it's the frogs of France that did the plot!

I expect this game to have a 8/10 on the final review and I recommend it so far. But you need to be good to play this, keep that in mind.

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