samedi 28 mai 2016

It's unfuckingbeleivable, I can reach a ratio of 1:4 in Overwatch (And Overwatch review)

I can't believe it. I can do good to very good sometimes with more than 10 streak. Of course it does not work well all the time but anyway. My problems is due to the players using the bot too much and me that maybe does not the full damage all the time.

For the game, it's good but it has its problem.

The graphics are not the best around and are special. Anyway I like them and it run very well on my computer and I expect on a lot of computer; Which is a very good point.

The sound is top quality like most games but of course a little cheap maybe with not much diversity.

The gameplay is nice and fun but the problem of the game is here and it's about the balance and the fact that not everybody use bots. So I guess that some heroes are op when everybody is using the bot but when not some heroes are plain useless and really underpowered. I feel like some heroes are op too, like the one that shoot grenade.

Also I think the price is bit high for the content and especially for the maps: We don't have a lot of maps for a mp game only.

So I give this game a 8/10

(My preferred heroes)

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