samedi 24 septembre 2016

Paladin Review

The game is in EA but it's free. To me, it must be near the final version.

It's another Hero game that btw is call Champion is this game and this is new for me because Overwatch is my first one. I was not so interested at the beginning but now I admit Hero game are pretty cool.

The unique trait of all the Champions is a lot of fun to try and master. Each Champions do some particular stuff and most of the stuff in Paladin is pretty cool.

There is some problem though. Most of them are with the balance. It's quite obvious that the game has been made for aimboter. Some Champions don't do enough damage for players like me that don't cheat or use aim-assist. So when people cheat, these Champions are balanced but when people don't cheat, Champions like Androxus don't reward the hard hit of it's single shot pistol with a good damage. And it's not only with Androxus that had this problem.

Than the other problem is the graphic quality of the map. As we can see, Overwatch is much better in term of graphics quality. But still the maps are very good and very fun to play on.

The sound and the music is all good like for most good games on our network.

There is a lot of kind of perks, cards, that make the game fun too. It's an interesting gameplay.

So this is another good product of our network and I recommend it to all.

I give this game a 8/10

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