samedi 19 mars 2016

Hitman first review

I say first review because when do we write a review when it's episodic? I guess when the first episode and maybe no other review of this game will be.

I got piss because of a nasty bug and though by mistake that the game had a lof of bugs. Finally, it's not that bad even if I say it again, the bug I've encounter was pretty big. For the rest of what I though it was bugs it's more how the game is designed that I'm maybe not agree. For example, when you kill someone, you can take his clothe and there is the key that need to be press that is shown; But if you want to see again the key press show to move the body, you need to move a little bit around the body and I think this is bad.

But anyway, this game is good. The menu are well made and the story is pretty cool and well made. I though that only people that like to explore a game a lot could finish the mission of Paris but I was mistaken. A good and fast gunner like me can kill the target with firearms without not too much problem.

It's a well polished game with a lot of cool stuff. And for people that really like the game, they could have plenty of hours of fun doing all the stuff inside that product.

Also fair price, I think this game deserve a 8/10. We'll see if it keep the paste with the next episode!

(Next episode, a sniper riffle maybe!)

Edit: Mouse and keyboard and controller control work pretty well!

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