vendredi 8 juillet 2016

Need For Speed 2015 Review

I did not finish the game because of the nag. So because some mission of drift was impossible either because my drift is nagged or either because it's plain impossible to reach the score. So I guess that I would have not have been to finish the game but I'm not sure. So considering the nags, I'll rather stop playing this game.

The game is a nice competitor to The Crew and even if I said in my impression that The Crew was far superior, I don't think that anymore. The Crew is superior but NFS 2015 is a pretty solid game.

The movie story is interesting compare to The Crew that has no movie at all but it maybe lack of a bit of action. Still the girls are pretty and it's has been a lot of fun to watch this, even in English.

The game is repetitive compare to The Crew because it appear it does not have dirt stuff and other things The Crew has. But anyway, it's a lot of fun to play all this challenge even.

The game has numerous problems such as:

Drifting is not perfect
Only at night game
Cannot tell the HP of the other mp cars before challenging
The car hit the side of the road after a victory and possibly damage it
Not enough cars imo. Especially fast cars.

But with all the good of this game, the bad point can be forget quickly.

And now I can say that the weird car control at first is a lot of fun because it give the opportunity to drift a lot. 

So I give this game a 8 on 10. Another very good product.

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