mercredi 6 juillet 2016

NSF 2015 Impression

So I found this game on Reddit sub pc gaming and it was a link for a 10 hours trial. Look like I did not got access to this game last year and finally got it now.

The game is full of nags: Master sound is too low, cops are God like and there is no way to escape and I guess the loading time could be nagged too.

So if the loading time are not nagged they are long and annoying and because of this, this game cannot reach more than 7 on 10 for Gaming 24. If the loading time are nagged and so are not so long at normal than I'd probably give a 8 on 10 for this game.

It's not as good as The Crew, it has some things that I dislike but it's a very solid game anyway and the movie story is pretty cool and make me remember Privateer 2. And the girls are pretty too, which is awesome.

The things I dislike is the control of the behaviour of the car that is not as good or clean as The Crew or other major like Grid. And there is some retardation like messages that appear but do not pause the game and make the message impossible to read without stopping in a middle of a race.

Anyway Good game. Another good product that compete with the great The Crew. Ubisoft win.

Btw, I won't buy this game because of the nag so don't expect a review.

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