mercredi 31 août 2016

My though on Battlefield 1 Beta

As Battlefront and BF4, the graphics are impressive. Good thing to start with. And of course the sound is very good too.

It appear they have been somehow accurate with the rest of the propaganda, and so the tanks are very good because there is no much AT weapons compare to BF4 and so modern wafare. Or should I say, because there is more AT weapons, the AT grenade does not prevent me to do major ownage with the tank compare to BF4 where I get shoot and destroy quickly and easily. People are complaining the tanks are too good but I make them remember that it's what it was in ww1. And anyway, I like this gameplay and as a final note on the subject, if people was playing team or squad, I doubt they would have problem with the tanks.

The rest of the guns and so the new balance/gameplay of this new BF is cool. Can't wait to see the rest of the weapons in the final version.

So finally, I say that BF1 is going to be pretty good(without thinking about the cheating issue). Can't wait to see the rest of beautiful map.

Ho yea and everybody got the crazy aim-bot so it's hard for me to get kill. Congrats little retarded noobs with hacks.

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