dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor VS Assasin Creed Black Flag

Good to say that I did not finish both games and I did not play more than 2-3 hours of AC while I did like 15 of Mordor.

We got two master pieces here. One from the French, according to my info and the other one from the English, again according to my info and a bit my reason.

Mordor is one year newer and this need be count.

Than it is very important to understand that even if both games are TPS and share a lot of similar points, the gameplay is not the same. I mean by that, that it is subjective a little about which one is the best. It depend on what them you prefer, pirates or LOTR theme and fast pace vs slower pace.

This said I enjoy more Mordor because I prefer more violence and fast pace. Also because I believe the stealth part is better in Mordor and much more fun. But it could be a matter of taste, I'm not sure myself.

The combat is funnier in Mordor but still pretty good in AC.

The perk system is more interesting to me than the buying system.

One important thing to finish this is the frame rate. The graphics are better in Mordor but the frame rate is sometimes lower than 5 frame in Mordor. While I have not noticed any frame drop in AC. I'm smart so I can deal with this but I bet most people can't.

So for a game that came a year late, I think it's unfair to give score but here my final verdict:

90\100 for Mordor
82\100 for AC

This score is to compare both games that been release one year after. So this is not a voyage in the past that change the 9 to not say the 9.5 that AC have got.

Both loose 5 points for the respawning system that suck a little and 5 more points for the frame rate in Mordor.

Congrats to the devs of both games. Awesome work, can't wait to see the future!

Edit: Let's say that after writing this and thinking a lil more, I say that the fighting is better in Mordor to not say much better. But fast pace vs slow pace, matter of taste. And again I did not try all the stuff of AC and I will. And the stealth is much better too in Mordor. Note, game release one year after... 

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