mardi 30 juin 2015

PC versus Consoles

It was a time I did not care or know much about it and today even if I'm sure for PC, I still have no friends and this take out a lot of advantage of PC.

So first, where is the forums for console. It sound to me such a low IQ world a world without forums. For now God does not give me the best in term of forums even if I have Gamespot now but if things get better for me, I'll have friends and maybe a society and gaming without forums is just plain retarded imo, sorry if it insult. Forums are good to mental evolution imo. Of course, having a life with real physical friends is a must and a good mental evolution too. But like if 4 friends can come to something close 5 000 good users like a Gamespot forums has I estimate.

Where is the websites? I don't have much on this aspect either and again if I found a society things will change a lot. But even now, how could a console bring my anything on that aspect. No gaming website? You're not going to tell me this is not plain retarded?

Even if I was or I was estimating that hémogénie was good, now I have my doubt for it at least PC look and programs. How can a console reach the PC with only Teamspeak as an option: I'm sure only this program is 10 times better to talk with friends and manage teams; So count than all the other communication programs that can be found and be the taste of some other people. What about the sms and the webcam stuff?

Like if Youtube for streaming and making gaming video is not better than console if you find the good programs. Options less computing is plain lame.

And what about Steam, it is much better than the console downloading crap that have 10 years in retard. Just the refund function would make me go PC.

And most importantly, the mouse and keyboard control that is far superior in most games. And a controller is possible on PC. I pretend I'm 10x better with MNK. And there is not sportive tense on a couch. I need that to be competitive.

Also have a desktop screen is far superior to large screen for gaming imo. I see all the details and I much prefer the view.

Finally the options on pc look bigger and better. Even if some games lack a lot. Again, computer without options is plane lame and for sure an evil scheme.

PC got a major victory in my case. I'll leave the console for the noobs and I must admit that exclusivity on console is something that make me sick and I miss something for sure as an advanced gamer.

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