mardi 9 juin 2015

I wish I could have my private life and make a game

And I'd do Dune HD.

After doing a market study, I could start. A market study, I do that with like 5 social agent that know 30 gamers each and got the forums or the chat. If it pass, I mean if most of the social agent say people are interested, let's go. I'd not make games that don't sell.

The game is quite simple if you played Dune. It require a small team. I'm not sure how much time it will require with small team although. Of course the team could be bigger.

So the project would start by that: All the members of the team need to play Dune 1 and finish it.

The game will look like it a lot. Keep it base but would have a little different story and more stuff in the command screen among with maybe new stuff in the adventure view. (Third view)

It's simple, it's only picture that get draw in full screen. With a story and maybe voice actor. Of course there is the third view control and menu with the picture draw in full screen.

So I need imo:

Me lead project.
One programmer.
One sound artist.
I guess like 4 CG artist. The game is not in 3D, the art would be in CG. Like if you take a ss of Final Fantasy movie.
Could have a voice actor studio for better quality of the product.
Could have a CG video studio. It has a starting scene in CG and maybe some scene in mid story and one end one. For better quality too.

I'm not sure if a visual program studio is made for the task. I expect the change high that such thing exist.
So I'd use that. I could do that in command line, I think, but I guess it will take a lot more time.

Thanks for reading my dreams. God force me to type that.

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