mardi 16 juin 2015

From World of Tank to World of Warship

Ho yea, we're going on the water now with the World of Tank world and model. And the video, from a French guy, show a good game. Problem is, again, the gameplay is not exactly my taste:

While the wallhack does not look to be on in this one, I would have much prefer a realistic damage to the energy bar. I know I'm not the only one that complaint about that and the reason to this could be classified if you understand what I mean. Also, the vehicle buying system is not fair like I stated in this post.

So there is no submarine but you can get a cruiser, fast boat with torpedo, planes carrier, planes and of course destroyer class. There is like 80 ship, haha.

Release date: 2015, source Wikipedia
Current version: Beta
Official site:

Présentation du jeux en Français (The plane carrier part appear long, skip it to 12:12)

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