mercredi 6 mai 2015

Old Blood review

Start with as good as the first episode was. Than come the first problem, which is the bad checkpoint. And just after that, the way to pass a level that appear to be real hard and long with just a simple bot manipulation. What I mean is this game is not perfect and some aspect are not finish. Also one time, a part of a map was not looking as good as the rest, I guess not polished enough. The problems does not end there, the story at some part make no sense, the wine drinking...

But aside this, the game is very good. The graphics are fantastic at a good rate. The sound is good but somethings is weird, I cannot hear soldier from behind, but hey on this point, it could be the food market and their hack... The gameplay is so good, the gunfight are very cool. The stealth work perfect and the level are well designed to make it work.

For the new stuff, we got the head that blow which is real cool. We got the new story that is interesting and surprising. We got the new weapons that kick as much as the first episode. And also the new NPC and the BOSS that are all cool to beat and own.

The game is not long for a good player like me. But I could take more time for players that could play slower and it could have replayable time with this game. I could possibly replay this game and try to beat all with stealth. So for the price, I think we can say it's fair. Of course it does not match with the price of the mp games like Hardline that let us play 80 hours for 60$.

So you can't miss this game imo.


Good points:
  • Great graphics
  • Gameplay that work well
  • Difficulty changer on the fly
Bad points:
  • Two to one A product?
Note and edit:
I've said the game could be good for replayble time but when I try to replay it there is no skip of the talk all around. So...

Also, when I said that I've pass a part with AI manipualtion, I notice when I replay at the hardest level that it can't be done anymore with the same manipulation. Did the game was meant for Uber difficulty?

Edit2: It appear that it is my version of the game that have story problem. In a correct version there is no story problem. Also, in a correct version, the checkpoints appear to be all fine but I'm not sure abou tthis. This said, I give this game a 10 on 10 than.

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