vendredi 29 août 2014

Bomb bf4 team plan

Just for fun God ask me what I'd do if I had a team and we had a match on this very interesting mode.

Of course we would be on teamspeak.

6 Snippers. No real skillz require, only someone that know the map and can find some good spot to hide.

Me and 15 Other guys will take the rpg. I will lead one of the squad for tank hunting.

5 medic and 5 support. They follow two squad of rpg.

My squad is hunting the bomb and trying to detonate. The other one defend our bomb site.

At the beginning,3 snipers run to our bomb and take a spot and wait. Easy shot. They have 10 seconds to kill when they arm the bomb. They only aim at the bomb site.

The 3 other snipers run to the enemey bomb and does the same.

Remember that the point of these sniper is nothing else than hide and wait for an easy shot. Don't show your position and just wait.

My squad take the jeep. Other one take the chopper. And use it to destroy other chopper and to have mobile defense vechicule.

We start by trying the take the bomb Withdraw it a little and wait for the snipers to take position. When they have position. We take the jeep or the chopper and we try to take out one of the bome. I drive.

If we drop the bomb, the defense team try to figure out where the enenemy is going. And we try to take it again and arm it. We could have some respawner that take the jeep and bring it to us. The jeep or the chopper.

Fix: We need 2 antiaa in the defense squad that they are going to take position to shoot the enemey chopper.

The defense team don't take the bomb unless it's a easy arm.

We will take it.

This is going to be a primary plan, I will make some more to confuse the enemy. For example a quick one, the offense team take the chopper this time.

I have no idea yet for some more tactics about this game mode.

Edit: We will have hot spot for jeep. When people respanw they need to drive the jeep to this location. I'll know where to take it.

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