dimanche 24 août 2014

Battlelog rock and cod and the rest are living in the past

Ok back in time, the server browser was da suck. No options, long waiting ect. Than they bring the matchmaking that was working well and much better than the sucky server browser. Than came bf3 battlelog but even than I almost prefered cod system over bf3. This is before I used both system for more than 100 hours...

So now, I think I did a mistake. Battlelog is far superior when dealing with dlc and maps. Also almost everything else is greater in battlelog finally.

Not been able to choose the dlc that I want to play, not be able to mix the dlc at will as my mood goes just plain suck. And this is because battelog show how great pc can be and how superior they are at Dice on this point.

Now I understand battlelog is not really console like but I wish that they do it anyway. But bf4 is for console too.

No doubt, I could make my first game just because of that. I mean the game I play the most and that I'm more dedicated with.

Last thing, I think I should prepare myself for a team even if it look like that I won't have one. And with a team ded sever are far superior. So this is it, I support battlelog now and shit on matchmaking.

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