mercredi 3 septembre 2014

The point of bf4

Been playing bf4 a lot lately cuz the game start at least. At first the game was crashing all the time and now it don't. For 2 weeks maybe or more, I'm a little lost all alone without note, the game crashed all the time for various reason; too good, great shots, ect.

Now I see that either I'm always joining the same server, either they all use the same hack; Which is total auto bot and auto mover. I mean they got nothing to do beside running around and getting all the kills like the hero does.

I'm not sure why I kill them theorictly before they kill me altough. Maybe it's God that want to show me how good I am or it's them that want to show me how good I could be.

I pretend that I never die almost if not cheated or hacked. I'm just awesome at bf4 too.

Still the same bs from the French reprensentative and the same in the us: Suck cock if you want to be good.
And it appear that they are furious that girls are more attractive than their games but meanwhile they have beautifull whore, go figure.

We'll see if I get better with time but I doubt in bf because I believe I don't pass the international and I believe that we can clearly see the difference between bf4 and hardline. But it could be because it's a crime game that hardline work.

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