samedi 20 septembre 2014

New quake live review

Been playing this quake live for a while now. Now they bring some major change with the steam support. I guess they did this for keeping the game alive and getting more players to the community.

So now you can choose two weapons and spawn with them. One primary and the other secondary. The best guns appear to be the primary like the rocket and lightning gun. The shotgun and the plasma gun are two good guns for secondary.

This new gameplay is good, I like it. I don't really mind the change compare to the original quakelive. You can still get the other guns that are located at the same place on the maps and one thing I forgot to say in the past paragraph is the guns that we spawn with have low munition. So you need to find some quick or kill.

There is also some other cool stuff like the shield, quaddamage, that now have a visual timer to show when they will spawn. I think they also worked a little on the menu. Still a low quality game somehow but it all work fine.

This is a good game for people that own slow computers. A lot of fun.

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