lundi 3 novembre 2014

What hack they have in CODAW

I nerfed like at 400%. I mean it require like 4 more times bullet to kill. At long range, even if I shoot 3 clips I can't kill. Ok I use a smg but I'm sure this kill at any range just require more hits. I could be mistaken on that.

They got wallhack, invisible wallhack, this mean, a bot try to let us believe they don't use one by making them look on another direction. I doubt it's them who do that.

On most games, it appear that everything goes normally but sometimes I expect them to teleport so I can't find anybody and teleport behind me.

I pretend that they teleport behind me a lot in any games. Especially when I'm on a streak.

Other than that, we can say that they does more damage than me. They have auto melee for sure.

I say that I never die almost if they don't cheat. That give an idea...

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