lundi 3 novembre 2014


It started at the right time on Steam. Everything goes well beside the options menu that I wasn't able to find until I've ask the forum. Kind of weird options menu.

So the graphics are ok but not at the quality of BF4. I say that BF4 have much better graphics. The sound is better in BF4 too.

The menu and the interface is nice. I don't see a problem about this game being a port.

The maps are cool but again not as good as BF4.

The gameplay still COD with something new and fast paced. Interesting for me. The exo is a lot of fun to use.

If the game was working better on my side, if the hackers was not set that accurate, maybe I'd have a better word for this game. BF4 is more worth the time. But BF4 is getting old, I'm bored to play the same maps again. So I would play some AW for a while and until Hardline is released.

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