dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Envolve monster guide


I'd not write this guide but God force me to. I'd only keep that for my friends if I could. And as I noticed yesterday and today I think it could be a little possible to hide stuff from the ppl here. And even more if God don't say my mind to his friends.



I pretend that I can beat any hunters and grow to the max level without been hit almost. There is nothing they can do. Of course, knowing the map could be better to achieve that and smart hunters with a good knowledge of the maps could catch me sometimes either by a smart anticipation move or luck. But I keep pretending that most of the time if you do that, there is a no way in hell that hunters can follow you. So, you can do it most of the time without even knowing the map.

How to escape the hunters

First and most important always move to one direction and for a long time. Anywhere but in one direction. If the way is block, search for another one. You can follow roads. Don't ever waste time, just move as quick as possible. Second and the most important here, use the super jump of the right mouse button all the time as SOON as its reloaded. Remember that the monster run faster than the hunters and the super jump give you even more speed. So this way, they can't follow you.

Than how to grow

You take 40 sec to do what I said in the last paragraph. You take out one small beast eat it, and do again what I said in the last paragraph. You take another beats and SO ON. Maybe you could try 2 beats and see if the hunters have the time to catch you. 


Remember the hunters got fuel in their jet pack, the monster don't. So it could be a nice idea to slow them down by climbing on a lot of stuff while doing the how to escape the hunters paragraph. I have though about another tactics to lose them and it's to go in the most down area and than climb as much as possible. On some maps it appear to be possible to do that. Agreed that they should not be able to follow?


If you encounter a hunter all alone, it could be a very nice idea to kill him. If the others are comming than flee if you're not strong. Btw the hunters respawn but it could be good to do that sometimes.

Than if you need to fight the hunters all at once, the best thing to do is to kill the medic first. Than the assault, than the rest.


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