dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Rainbowsix Siege review

The game cost me 90$ on Uplay with the taxes. This is what I call a expensive game and things get even worst when I found out the content of the game that lack. This must be the way some games are made today: Cheaper in content for the price.

But the game is good. It bring some nice fresh round base game. I did not play a lot of mp because of the nerf but I played the solo mission with some nags so I can make this review.

The graphics are not perfect. The model look sometimes bad but most of the rest of graphics look good and dated. I still prefer the graphics of Frostbite engine but still this is a good one.

The sound is all good. Another 3A sound product.

For the gameplay, it's interesting. We got some new stuff to the genre. The operator with video is kind of cool. The guns are interesting but unfortunately, no mods for the gun like in cod. The death counter while playing is new and cool. The walls that get destroy is a good thing and all the gadget are good. All this stuff will offer, I'm sure, a long re-playability. I think I could easily play more than 50 hours of this in mp is things was working well for me. If not even more!

The game is full of cheat and hacks with the release. How noobish!

The solo mission are cool and fun. It could be use as a test to test skillz of the players to find out if they cheat or not like God gave the idea. I've finish the 10 mission quite easily and I doubt most can do that without cheat. The difficulty level offer is a 27 joke. How lame noobisoft!

So I give a score of 7 of 10 for this game and this is because of the price. It the price would have been lower it could have reach 8. At least noobisoft cheaters can make a good game still.

Edit: It is unfortunate that there is no private servers too. I'd seek for another game in that most likely.

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