samedi 19 décembre 2015

Gas Guzzlers Extreme late review (2013 game)

(Greatest car and weapon)

I know this game has been release like tree years ago but for those who care I'll write this review.

It's amazing to see how racing game can do good with not dated graphics like Grid Autosport has.

The tracks are superb, the bots are interesting but not perfect for a fast racer like me. I admit the game get a bit repetitive because it's always the same thing at the end: Manage to find the nitro and use it before the finish lane at the last lap. Plus the bots are not perfect or ultra pro driver and cheat instead of being skilled to win. They cheat because I pretend they can reach the speed of 400 km/h while the max is 250 for me with the fastest car. Anyway, the tracks are so cool that the game still fun.

Now this game could have been meant to use guns a lot for some people like it's somehow advertise but it's possible to play race only with a lot of cool stuff like mines and oil splat. Note that it need to play with weapons to finish the tournament.

Interesting note, the game money that we make while playing jump at some point to a lot more and this give the chance to try all the cars while other games like this stuck you in the dilema of not buying cars for saving cash for next cars. Funny thing, they forgot to raise the money made with mines and alike imo.

And check out this great menu(Need a video to show that correctly):

There is a cool arsenal to try. Various guns. Also various cars that only have minor change in physic and for sure not real like maybe Forza.

I'm not sure how much this game was at release but now for 30$, it's ok. Maybe a bit expensive compare, like I always say, to the rest of the market offer.

7/10 because of the price otherwise it could have it 8.

  • Fast with great feeling of the driving
  • A lot of cool tracks
  • Bug free(almost)

  • No hyper cars
  • Weird car physic that look like NFS weird physic on slow turn

I nearly finished the game when I posted this article. God urge me to post it now. I doubt there is anything else new in the game now beside new tracks and I guess I'm very near the end.

 (Here one of my car and cool weapon at mid game)

(Message after winning a tournement)

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