mardi 10 novembre 2015

Fallout 4 Review

A nice walk in a very well made apocalyptic world. The graphics are very good. I don't understand what is the bs around about those being bad like I said in my impression. The graphics are one of the best I've seen so far.

But the game have problems and I think I can say this game has not been debugged and finished enough. There is bugs and stuff that does not work very well. For example, the trading system has no categories and this make no sense. Than equipping the stuff is not that good either; I could do a lot better. But wait maybe all this is because the game have been made for console: It's a bad port; Not catastrophic but I'm sure I can say it's a bad port.

I did not finish the game and I played 3 hours and I think I can write this review because the rest will look the same. Of course I'm sure there is plenty of more stuff but I think I've seen enough. The reason why I'm writing this review now is because I believe I won't play this game anymore because it give me no fun. And as a side note for my readers, I'm loosing interest in games. I think I could quit unless maybe mp games appear and I get some fun. I have no fun playing major games and things are not like in the past when I had a lot of fun playing games.

So anyway, I think it's a good game. And if the theme and the idea of the game please you, it could bring a lot of fun. The idea of the game is:

A nuke hit the town and you get in a bunker. You than go out because the rad is all over and discover a very primitive advanced world. You can be a cops or be a crook. You gather stuff all the time and there is plenty of guns and stuff to use. All this in a first person shooter that make sense but does not reach the best of the best which is imo New Order. And all this in a open world full of interesting quest or mission to do.

I finish this review by saying that if the game would have stealth kill aspect like in New Order maybe it would have been more interesting and a better game for me and for all.

So no as great as New Order in term of shooter but still a very good game.


If God force me to play, I'll add edit here...

Edit: Where it is said that you can fast travel? There is some gap of information in this game.


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