mardi 10 novembre 2015

Fallout 4 First Impression

The graphics are all fine. Not sure what is the bs around about the graphics been not good. They are good as New Order but different. I'm not even sure which of both I prefer.

For the gameplay, it's very interesting. The story is hot. I've been in the power armor already and it's fun. It's a good shooter for sure; The feeling is great and everything fine about the shooting aspect of the game.

It appear that the game is bugged though... And it's a bit a bad port: It's been made for console and does not work very well for pc.

This game will for sure get a good score from me. I'll need days if not a week to finish it.

 Edit: I'm confused. But anyway, let's say the game is not as good as New Order mainly because of the AI that is not as good as New Order. Also, the game would have been better with a stealth kill function like in New Order and Far Cry. I think I'd give a 7 for this game or maybe a 7.5 considering the high quality of the graphics and also the interface.

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