mardi 27 octobre 2015

Ark Suvival Evolved

So I have been force to replay this game after the whipe I have suffer on a custom server. This time I choosed an official server where whipe should not happens.

I got hacked badly by I don't know who and it took me hours to complete a house with a bed.

Than I made a big house and cut a lot of wood.

The thing I want to say is, it is this game a 27 bs again? Is it made so players will be angry? I think it's possible. For example, why the food spoil? This is just annoying. And why it require so damn much resources to make house?

This with the lack of content in the game and the unfinished product Ark is, the game is bad.

I'm still very interested in Survival Crafting games and I wonder if everybody has different opinion so we'll never find a gameplay for all.

Ark is done for me and I think God won't force me to play anymore. I'll wait for another survival game and see if it get any better.

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