mardi 13 octobre 2015

Transformer Devastation review

Not sure how to call this kind of game. Something like a quality one but a bit cheap. I mean it's a TPS combat game and there is only like 3 move for the whole game. Not only that, all the side things that would be the special ability in Shadow of Mordor are not existant and so the side stuff of the game is cheap too.

But still this game is kind of cool and well made. The graphics are a special art style that does not look as good as the other 3A games but make a lot of sense anyway. Plus the theme, Transformer, is a nice thing for somehow old guy like me that was watching this when young.

There is a lot of cool level and enenmy to play on and with. The music is good but again cheap because there is only one track that repeat itself for hours. The most interesting part is the levels that are diffirent and sometimes réussi.

I did not finish the game and I will and I'm sure this game is repitive and somehow, like I said, cheap. But still a good game.

I give it a 6.5 on 10.

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