mercredi 28 octobre 2015

My Red Gaming Club is founded and search for members

Of course, I'm also searching for similar, already made, clubs. But so far I got no invite. The criteria I'm searching for the clubs must of course be similar as my criteria for being in the Red Gaming Club:

  1. Having a computer or maybe a console because I could have one someday or manage console players
  2. Having video games as a passion or at least play 5 hours a week
  3. Speak French and can English but mostliky the Club will be in French mainly(not sure why I write this is English, magic...)
  4. Not being sexist
  5. Not being declasser
  6. Need to respect the sex etiquette that I'll write soon if the Club work
  7. Being in the centre(Centre right could be maybe but surely not anarchist) at politics
  8. Never use mp cheat = Life Ban. Note on this that I could permit or we could permit aimbot but everybody would have the same but me that I don't need.
  9. Being active and so read the news letter
  10. Live in allies or friends zone or nation
  11. No blacks for now but Asian is ok. Note that if I have business with the African someday I could change on that.
  12. Of course you need to have and live with opposite sex. I don't mind for the lesbian but I doubt I'll be able to do that because of my politics concern.
It will look like this for now. I'm seeking to be a large to very large Club. And note that when we will grow the people could be class in age but as one of our duty we need to live with the kids and the teen so they'll be there all the time.

Note that the high ranked will be most likely for now the most active members.
Note that there is rank but most are at the same level

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