samedi 19 septembre 2015

About MGS5

I did not even take the time to review it because I though it was nagged and so unplayable. But now since they close Konami, I wonder if the game was not nagged but plain bugged. And of course, I can't tell if it's true that Konami close, news could be lies, haha.

The game started bad by showing me a desastrous port. I was not able to select the menu with the mouse and this is plain retarded. And than when the game started, there were no pc tutorial but after the intro it started the pc tutorial. As tutorial, I mean telling me what is the key that need to be use.

Than the start of the game was slow. I has even been annoying at some point but this could be a matter of taste so I'd have forget that. But than, my partner just desepeared and I though this was a nag. Was it? Was this game bugged to not even be good for a Steam release imo?

This to not count that I've seen a bug with Petard stream and it was a big one.

So aside its problem, MSG was looking good. But I'm not playing alpha version games; I don't have time to waste with this. Debugger play Alpha version.

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