vendredi 31 mars 2017

Conan Exiles Guide

I want to start this by saying that imo the game is not worth playing. Because of the poor performance and so the graphics that need to be turn to low. This mean, the adventure goes in a bad quality graphics world and this is not worth it. Other than that, it's a good game but of course it could have been a lot better.


Note that this is fast guide from like 2 hours of playing the game. I'm sure you can understand that I did not try everything yet. But this should work.


This guide will make you build a house with a one spawn primitive bed and some other stuff like a primitive sword and of course will raise your level to like 5 or so.

After escaping the cross, you need to find water. That's the first thing you need to do. To do that, you need to follow the road or the path and than go in the direction of the mountain. The water spot should be just after the mountain. Note that if you respawn because you died, you could spawn near the water spot.

While doing that, I strongly suggest to take all branch and some stone on the ground. It will be useful late to build a pickaxe. You can also take some plants, it will also be useful to make some tools.

So when you reach the water spot, you just need to enter a little in the water and push e to drink.

Second thing you need to do, find food. To do so, you need to stay near the jungle and not go in the desert and search for worms on the ground or egg in the nest of the turtle. The turtle are easy to kill with a sword and I guess also with a pickaxe(I did not try, just though about it). But if you take meat out of animals with a tool like a pickaxe, you need to cook it to eat it. And I think you need to raise the level to do a fire to cook. So I think the best thing to do is to just take the eggs and the worms on the ground. That's good food to eat in this game. To find the egg, just walk around and try to follow the water or the beach. BE CAREFUL to not get near any other animals than the turtle or they will hunt you down. The reason YOU SHOULD NOT RUN ALL THE TIME is to preserve the running when hunt by dangerous animals.

When you have found like 3 nest of turtle. You can build your house. When your hungry, just go to the 3 nest and re-take the eggs. The eggs are respanwing each 5 minutes or so. When you reach one quarter of food or water, it's time to go search for it. You die quick if you don't have water or food.

You need to level up to build the house. Just harvest stone around and some woods. Than make 2x2 foundation and than build the wall with a special wall for the door. Than build the door. You will need a pickaxe to harverst stone and a hache for wood.

After that you can build a primitive bed. And get a primitive weapon. It appear that killing animals give more XP than harvesting.

When you can kill animals and when you have search for firecamp(petit feu de cuisson), you can start to feed with animals. That more efficient than egg.

Good luck!

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