vendredi 30 janvier 2015

Dying light

So I decided with God force to give it another try and.

This game is not so bad if we don't take in consideration the frame rate. It appear to have a lot of cool stuff like the perks and all the stuff you can gather and I think craft later on. But when someone like me come from a gorgeous engine like Frostbite and BF4 mix with a Mirror edge background this game is a waste of time. Rather play something else. BF4 engine look better and run better. If the graphic was rewarding for the frame rate maybe I could play but I pretend this graphic engine is not really good and I can't see jackshit most of my time playing on it. This mix with a climbing and running gameplay that don't reach the any good part of Mirror Edge. The climbing is not so good and slow pace and this is not fun for a player like me. I prefer a fast paced gameplay and sound like the dev did not give that option when the game started. There is a also some bugs and weirdness when climbing and other not finish or well made stuff.

Enough said, I don't like this game and I'm not going to play it. I'm not saying this is completely bad product but surely not a 3A one like I said in my first impression.

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