mardi 27 janvier 2015

Dying light

This game is a slide show, let's start by that. I think I got like 15 frames without any action at all in town. Good to say without any action. I just started the second mission because the game was not working. So I can wait to see with action. Also the graphics was nice in the hospital where the game start but outside I don't really found them so nice. I think I'll rather play l4d2 graphics than that. Not sure if it's because of the low frame rate or because this engine that have no loading almost does not render nice graphics at some points.

Plus I got a lot of weird bs like the sound is too low and I bet this is the lamers that hacked my system. I can't set the new weapons like the pétards.

Sound like I'm not going to play this anymore, waste of time. Another scam, where is the ads telling us the frame rate is super low?

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