dimanche 1 février 2015

Cheaters and public network

For me, there is a lot of network and one of them is the public network. The one I'm on and the one a lot of people is on. LaPresse network and the rest of the things you can find on the road. Again I say that there is a lot more network that are private.

So, the day God will stop making fun of me, I will possibly find friends and be invited to a private network. In this situation, I claim it's going to be our games and our servers. So our rule, so we ban cheaters and lamers. And don't tell me they change ip, it's not how it work on my network and I believe that's how it work on private network. I bet there is no anonymity.

This said, I bet this network could be 100% secure. I don't buy the dos bullshit. To me, this bs is a scam or a hoax for little kiddy script that got their hacks from higher level family members. Of course our link to other town could be compromised if it use a public network structure but if it's our network, I mean if the link between town is our wire, there is no problem for sure.

So to close that, I say you don't play on enemy servers that are not honest and good people. If you do so, expect cheaters. And the public servers are owned and administrated by the mafia. So cheaters and lamers heaven. So avoid public servers and play only on private servers or private networks and everything should be fine. I'm sure this kind of network does exist. Don't tell me the pretty girls do not exist and do not show their photo somewhere. This is pure bull.

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