lundi 16 février 2015

Tomb Raider 2013 late review

So I was not interested when it got released last year and now since there is no game for me I decided to give it a try with surely God idea. I was for sure mistaken to not give it a try. We speak about a great 3A product made in my region. I can say that even with this quality of the game, I'm not having as much fun as with the fps and especially the online shooters but still it's a lot of fun and a lot of eye candy and a lot of surprise.

I don't really remember all how it was when the serie started on playstation 1 a long time ago but it for sure made it's way to a great thing. It's not exactly the same, maybe a little more friendly user or easier but still it is a good challenge. Good to note that before I go further in this review that I did half game and God pretend 2 sec ago that I won't do the rest because he's bored of this game, but imo, I'll play more and even finish it. I'd wait to finish the game to write it but sound like God is in a hurry or something.

The graphics are so good. And this even with a good frame rate. I'm not even sure if Shadow of Mordor has better graphics than that. Sound fair to say that if the graphics are similar in technologies it could be better achievement in quality for Tomb. And for the frame rate, well I got no lag at all with Tomb and some drop that I don't mind at all and this is not the case at all with Mordor. It's very important for me on this subject to point the great quality and the beauty if the graphics of Tomb Raider 2014. This is really something that need to be watch. And again, it's very important to point again the correct frame rate which is always at about 50 with some drop never under 30. And this is great accomplishment. For the rest, we got nice effect on the menu and the camp fire for example is great to use. The flames, the explosion are all great and a lot of fun to watch. Maybe just the blood splash is not that great and with some very minor graphics glitch I've seen trough the half of the game. I give a big 9.5 on 10 for graphics. Honest.

For the sound and the voice actor, we speak about a very professional work. Like most product anyway, the sound is awesome. We do not have the chance to have great music or psychedelic sound although; At least not in my version. I wish I could have the game in full french to see how good it is but unfortunately I got it in English with French sub and french interface I found out at one quarter of the game because unless than I played in English interface.

For the gameplay, we speak about a great climbing and jumping game with a lot of gunning. And with some stealth that get more at mid point of the game. And it is good to say that if the stealth part of the game is not as good as mordor, it still damm good and work damm well too.  I'd say that the only difference of Mordor being better is the stealth kill on wake, which I mean that in Mordor if the guard see you, you still have 1 or 2 sec to kill it silently and this feature should be on any TPS or even FPS that have stealth part imo. Now to say that I got almost the same fun with the some stealth part of this new Tomb Raider that I got in Mordor, to say that, this mean we speak about something real great and functional. Also Mordor is more fast paced and this is better imo but again this is only about taste and the speed of Mordor surely direct to a elite base of players. For the jumping and climbing, it's all fun and work so damm well. I've played with a xbox controller because they force me to and I can say that I did some real nice spectacular show with this very well working game. It's not exactly the same as the first Tomb Raider and maybe a little more fast pace or user friendly like I state over but I like the new system. And it's good to note that the difference is about some move that cannot be done now and do not need to be done anymore, almost do not because it could have been useful to me once over 5 hours of playing. So their new system does not need this move and it work well and give a lot of fun like the other system. No more slow moving to reach a ledge I guess, no more climbing over ledge either, hard to explain this one on paper. The gunning part of the game is great too. It has a lot of diversity so far and it work well too. There is not a lot of weapons to use but still I got all my fun with the 4 weapons and their mods. Happy HS and happy upgrade of the guns with this other part of the gameplay that was cool to use. Yes you can upgrade guns and if you are smart it should make the difference. It is for sure a little too hard for newbies at my difficulty which they say to be medium and what I expect to be very hard in reality. See the video and judge for yourself. So finally, what I mean to say is the gameplay is great and I give a good 10 on 10. I forgot, there is the Tomb too and the secret stuff and the rest of the puzzle that work so well and are so damm fun to work on.

Now where it get a little obscure is about the story and rationality of it. But it is good to say that it would be hard to make a game like this rational. Especially not in Tomb all the time theme. So this is it, the story is not really rational and does not always make sense. And the rest of the stuff in the game make no real sense either. Just an example, why would the animals mens of this game would make such puzzle around the map and to clarify in a Tomb theme it make much more sense to see this kind of puzzle trough the game. But the theme of the story is great and violent to me. Another insane and horror story that make me wonder while playing the game that if this really happened on earth or happens right now. Finally we got lucky so far that they did not remove the clothe of our legendary Lara but she did a mistake in the story and I wonder if it could be sabotage to the personality that she is. It's either that they want to point that even superman does mistake or it just make no sense that supergirl Lara make this kind of mistake, anyway, thanks for reading my though.

So finally I close this with the good save function that work well at very most of the time and the minor problem related to it could have been forgotten of the review. I also cross one or two bugs with like I said over two graphic glitch. So not enough problem to remove a A of the 3A I give to this game.

I give this game a 9.2 and I suggest to buy it asap if you got some skillz or time to get better at games. I will do this game in like 12 hours or so and I believe that a normal game could take 20 easy.

Great job!

Edit: I did a little mistake. It's Tomb Raider 2013, not 2014. Sorry.

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