lundi 26 juin 2017

Project Cars BS

So I start playing that and God tell me this is more a real simulation. So I say, ok, I need to be way more careful than in Grid Autosport because the car is much more fragile with the brake and can handle high speed turn much less. So I get use with the hatchback that is not so fast and win the first tournament quite easy.

Than come a much faster car that can turn much more. But to me it's impossible nearly to drive this thing. Unless, maybe, I'd drive quite slowly at some part.

So I take the conclusion this game is BS or maybe it's nagged for me. Otherwise, it's insane how much the BOTS are cheating and driving much faster than what is possible in real and if I wanted to play this supposed real simulation, I'd need to drive much less fast than what I was doing in Grid Autosport.

I guess I could find out soon with God what's up with that or find it out someday with real driving.


From God said, I say this is more simulation than Grid Autosport. I say that, yes, I need to drive quite slowly at turn compare to Grid.

So this game is all fine, it's just that cheating is a thing like in all other games.

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